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About Septimal

Septimal Publishing is a small company dedicated to bringing stories to life. Our interest is people who have a story to tell, but who want to concentrate on writing. We help people with the next steps . . . layout, cover design, formatting, and printing.

We provide as much or as little help as needed.

Who We Help

We help those authors who want a good product, but who are aiming for a small target audience, at least to start. First-time authors are often unsuccessful using the traditional route of big name publishers and agents. We can help - by creating a plan, contacting a graphic artist for cover design and a copy editor for text cleanup. We will format the story and submit it to a printer. The author maintains control over all the elements of creating the book.


Our latest publishing venture, And Babies Make Seven, is available in the Peterborough, ON area at Chapters Bookstores, and at eBook version is at KOBO and other E book vendors.

Septimal Publishing continues a story telling tradition but uses new ways to get peoples' stories realized.
Join with us and explore your stories.