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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have many questions about our company as you decide to work with us.

Q: Who retains the rights to the work?
A: It is entirely under your control. You may keep all the rights as the author, and print the book with or another printer or publisher, or, you may grant us the right to publish the book on your behalf. If we publish the book we will retain a small fee per book.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: Our costs depend on the services we provide. The introductory session is free. At the second session, we will make a proposal outlining the work we will do, and the amount we will charge.

Q: Do you take Credit Cards?
A: Currently, No. We take certified cheques or Paypal.

Q: Do you take clients from anywhere?
A: Yes, but we prefer to take clients in the Central Ontario area.

Q: My neighbour says all this stuff is on the web?
A: Yes, it is. However, some people would rather work on telling their story than trying to figure out the intricacies of the printing business. Leave that work to us!


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